Bull3t for Myv4l3nt1n3

*3 set unlimited loging in 1 time
* (unlimeted multy id in per set)
*Invisible entry
*Loging by mig v4 or v3
*Auto enry
*Auto get list
*Spy id loging
*Multy will auto leave grup chat
*Change multy status
*Set presence
*Touch kick
*Ping your ip
*Check balance
*Unlimited theme
*Manual interval
*No runtime error
*Protect list

Flood Feature
*Send text manualy
*Auro text send
*Emot change flood with bullet speed
*6 typ of dc code
*6 typ of emot flood
*6 typ of abuse
*Random emot change flood with bullet speed
*Save abd edit ur flood

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