Swiftmig v4.2

  • No more dc
  • v4.2 does not hang at "reconnecting..."
  • Security problems solved.
  • FB and other IM problem solved


  • No more dc at .fp and .lk commands
  • User friendly popup message (same as mig33 popup)
  • hang free autolike
  • checkboxes for autolike, autologin to vroom etc in settings page
  • Fast browser for Swift pages
  • Much more difficult for mig to detect swift users as Swift URLs not sent to mig server now

  • You will get autolikes at Reflector IDs too. So autolike will work at 3 IDs at a time...3 in 1 autolike (cool) .
  • If you kick a user with main id and RIDs are already logged in then RIDs will also vote. (3 in 1 kick)
  • Auto status change... your status message will automatically change every 2 minutes hence increasing activity and level.....can be enabled or disabled from settings page. Auto reply message will be taken as new status message and a new character will be placed at the end of status message every 2 minutes (just like SwiftBot)
  • Contactlist management: You can get contactlist at mig33 browser and manipulate it (like delete contact, private user etc). This is also available for RIDs
  • .pvt username command to private a user instantly
  • .add username command to add a user instantly (Or just write .add in private of a user whom you want to add)

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