Turbo Admin (cracked)

#Features :
* Clone login 1 to 100
* PowerFull Series and rendom multy detector
* Powerfull Roll Flood and Multy Detector
* Kick/ban Roll Flood based on level
* Record All recently Rolled And ban/unban all
* Auto Kick All entered If 4 - 12 id enters in room at a time
* Auto Kick/ban Detected Multy
* Auto Kick/ban All Recent enter.
* Auto Kick Black Listed
* Set Maximum Text And Auto Kick if Maximum Text Lenght Crosses
* Set Minimum Level For Enter In Room
* Set Unlimited Ban/unban Target
* 5 Types oF unlimited ban / 2 types of unlimited unban
* Kick On Same Text Detect
* Auto Warn on bad Words
* Auto kick on bad Words
* Auto ban on bad Words
* Auto Group ban on bad Words
* Lock / Unlock / silent Chat Room In One click
* Easy Announce maker
* Auto Count And Inform About Recent Text Lenght
* Auto Count And Inform About Total Kicked Occerd In room
* Auto Count And Inform About Total Baned Occerd In room
* Auto wellcome (Editable)
* Auto leave gc
* Auto Stop Bot
* Auto Bot gf
* Send Winamp Update In ChatRoom (Editable)
* Right Click on User List for kick
* Ban on List Click
* Group Ban on List Click
* Protect List
* Bomb Kick / ban / Group ban
* Unlimited pvt And group Chat
* Auto Winamp Updater
* Use like a Messenger
* Auto Getlist
* kick single id
* Add moderator
* Dmod Single id
* Ban single id
* Unban single id
* Group ban single id
* Group unban single id
* Ip Resolver

4 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

broken link....

ujank.slanker mengatakan...

maaf, saya cek link na baik baik aja kq

Anonim mengatakan...

gan ane mau tanya neh
id ane kan kena banned sama
hansip pake aplikasi ini
id ane bisa unban?
bisa bebas selamanya dari ban?
thanks gan :p

ujank.slanker mengatakan...

ini app bukan buat unban id, tp buat moderator

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