Swifty v5


> browser can load images
> 10 id multi and autolike

HOW TO OPERATE 10 ID multi set?
>>in setting page, in multi id box, put 10 ids separated by semi colon (;)
>>same way put their passwords in password box
>> press menu in settings page and choose "login multi ids"
>> u can see if ids logged in successfully or not by "menu>console"
>>once ids logged in, enter ur main id in a room and use these commands to control multi set

.jm >> to join room with multi
.lm >> leave multi from room
.km target >> to kick a target

> RIDs will work as room bot
>auto ban has been replaced with autokick


.broadcast text_message
.mail mail_text
Code: Select all
.gflood amount giftname


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