Intelligent Room Bot v1.0 by invisible_jibon (Free)

Main Features:
• Room Chat
• Emoticon Chat
• Super Fast Chat window (Never Hang)
• Auto Save Group Chat Temp In .html File
• Detect Bad Words
• On Bad Word Detect Warn / kick / Group Ban The User
• Intelligent Auto Wc
• Normal Auto Wc
• Auto Enter
• Auto Left
• Chat Sound
• Show Mig Level
• Can See Status Message and Update
• All Menu System Of A Messenger
• You Can See Room Info, Users Profile, Mig Store, Change Password And Set Secuirity Question With Captcha etc.
• Winamp Update At Status And Room
• Set Different Wc Text For Different User
• Admin Panel
• You Can Control The Bot With Command (Check At Help Tab In Tool)
• And Much More, Just Check It Out!! •


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